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Sodium Percarbonate (1kg bag)


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Sodium Percarbonate (1kg bag)

Sodium Percarbonate (1kg bag)

A dry granulated form of hydrogen peroxide for cleaning whitening and desinfecting

Sodium Percarbonate is a white crystalline water-soluble chemical compound that is used in a number of home and laundry ecofriendly cleaning products.

Beware : sodium percarbonate is highy caustic. Do not mix with acid in any circumpstances. It must not be used in presence of children in solid form nor liquid form. Use protection gloves and protect your eyes and clothes. Store securely in a closed container.

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By on 09 Dec. 2019

Sac mal collé

Le sac est arrivé mal collé au dessous, mais pas de fuite pendant le transport (paquet bien ficelé et compact), et ce n'est pas la faute du vendeur.

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