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Green house

With our Ecological and Ecopratic Drugstore, make your own home cleaning products

Our basic ingredients have a reduced impact on the environment and on your budget, with our ecological drugstore you can make your own cleaning products : the earth and your wallet will thank you !

The spirit of the ecological drugstore® is :

- Offer simple and multi-purpose products: an alternative offer alongside the sometimes complicated and costly formulations of many brands.
- Develop products manufactured with a minimum of energy and raw materials to preserve our environment.
- Select unlimited and non-toxic mineral raw materials (salt, chalk, soil, etc.), prefer organic plant materials and simple, low-impact manufacturing processes for the environment.
- Select supply sources and manufacturers in France or Western Europe to minimize the impact of transportation and maintain employment and know-how locally.
- With the "Do it yourself" philosophy : enhance curiosity, experimentation and personal work.

Caution: These products require precautions for use. Before use, please read the information on the label very carefully.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 66 items