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Stoffonkel (organic cotton)

In the Stoffonkel brand you will only find organic fabrics - produced according to strict ecological and social requirements. The brand is committed to the GOTS standard, which ensures that these standards are met at every step of the supply chain. This applies not only to fabrics, but also to colors and other aids that are used in production. Control by GOTS ensures that these products are produced without child labor and under safe and fair working conditions. As no cotton can be grown in our region (Western Europe), it must be imported from Turkey. For a good CO2 balance, the brand pays attention to the shortest possible transport routes. The organic cotton used by the Stoffonkel brand grows exclusively in Turkey, in the immediate vicinity of the production facilities where it is transformed into fabrics. More details can be found here: GOTS certificate for Stoffonkel brand.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items