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Loyalty rewards

Come back often to Ar Brinic and get rewards !

How does it work ?

Our loyalty program allows you to collect points for each order placed on our website. You can then convert your points to vouchers and use them at Ar Brinic !

How do i earn points ?

With each order : 1€ spent = 1 point earned

For each order you place at Ar Brinic you earn 1 loyalty point for 1 euro spent, shipping fee excluded. Your loyalty points are validated as soon as your order ships.
In case of cancellation or return, your total of points will be recalculated accordingly.

How many points do i have ?

You can see your points earned in your customer account Loyalty program menu.

How do i use my points ?

Your points can be turned into gift vouchers that you can use at Ar Brinic. You can generate a loyalty gift voucher as soon as your total reaches 100 points. You are then free to convert them into a gift voucher or go on collecting them to later obtain a higher value voucher ! Loyalty points are valid for 2 years.

Please note that loyalty gift vouchers can be cumulated with other coupon codes and with promotions !

Loyalty gift vouchers are valid for 1 year. They can be used on any order of 5 euros minimum, shipping fee excluded.

Applicable conditions to Ar Brinic loyalty program

Ar Brinic loyalty program starts on March 4th 2019. Any order placed before that date is not eligible to the program.

Loyalty points belong to a single customer account. They are not convertible and cannot be given to anyone. You cannot gift your points to another person, nor cumulable points earned from separate customer accounts that you might have created. Point are valid for 2 years. Loyalty gift voucher rewards are valid for 1 year. Loyalty gift vouchers cannot be gifted to another person or another customer account. Points or vouchers cannot be refunded in any form.

Only orders placed on Ar Brinic website ( are eligible to the loyalty program. Some products are not eligible to points collection, please refer to each product data sheet.

The conditions of the loyalty program can be modified anytime without notice. Conditions applicable are the ones published on this page on the date of the order.